Organic farmers enjoy an advantage in the distribution of HUF 2,900 billion intended for Hungarian agriculture

By: STA Date: 2024. 02. 21. 10:30

The social consultation before the call for tenders for rural development and agriculture has begun, so one detail may still change, but it is already clear that, in total, about HUF 2,900 billion will go to domestic agriculture by 2027. One of the common features of tenders with very different purposes and forms is that most of them pay special attention to ecological aspects, so applicants who undertake organic farming or only high sustainability criteria will enjoy significant advantages.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Together with the 80% national funding, the 600 billion forints of the EU funds make up the approximately 2,900 billion forints that can be utilized with the tenders for rural development and agriculture until 2027 – pointed out Dr. Péter Roszík is a titular associate professor, vice-president of the Hungarian Bioculture Association.

The specialist pointed out that in a significant part of the tenders, those who undertake and meet the various sustainability criteria can expect benefits

The form of discounts can be different, from additional financing to extra points in the application, while the effect of environmentally conscious steps and procedures is not the same. The highest level of this, which is also recognized with grants that can be obtained through tenders, is organic farming. By the way, the form of production also referred to as organic farming has been spreading dynamically for many years and is becoming more and more popular worldwide as the only established form of sustainable food production. It’s no accident – added Dr. Péter Roszík – that both the European Union and the Hungarian government will do everything possible to increase the proportion of areas under organic cultivation as much as possible and reach 25% by 2030 at the EU level.

Since the next tender cycle is planned until 2027, it is natural that organic farming will play a prominent role in the expected tenders

According to the schedule for the publication of calls for tenders, the announcement of investment subsidies supporting agro-forestry systems and the establishment of plantations, livestock farms, cold storages, post-harvest developments and the development of food industry plants is expected in the spring, for which organic farmers will receive a 10% higher subsidy intensity they can trust.

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