Nearing stands at minimum wage negotiation

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 12. 08. 00:00

At the Friday meeting of the National Interest Coordination Council employers have raised their proposed monthly minimum wage to HUF 70,000 from HUF 69,000, the minimum wage for skilled workers HUF 86,500, wouldn't be changed.

 Alliance of Employers and Entrepreneurs
General Secretary Ferenc David said that the organization would
suggesting a 0-3% general wage increase. Trade unions have reduced
their proposed monthly minimum wage to HUF 75,500 from HUF 76,500.
National National Alliance of Hungarian Trade Unions (MSZOSZ)
President Péter Pataky said that the organization agreed with
the notion of a band-based wage-increase, though rejected the
recommended band, particularly the possibility of a 0% wage increase.

Prime Minister’s Office State
Secretary Gábor Csizmár, the government representative
at the meeting, said the employers’ minimum wage proposal is
equivalent to a 1.4% gross wage rise, a 1.2% net rise and a 3.2% real
wage fall, while the unions’ proposal is equivalent to a 9.5% gross
wage rise, an 7.4% net rise and a 2.9% real wage rise. The government
is proposing a 3-6% wage increase, which at its average level
corresponds to the 2009 inflation target of 4.5%.

The OET will hold its next meeting on
December 12.


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