The summer “cucumber season”, the vacation period, has begun

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 18. 10:43

The summer “cucumber season”, the period of vacations, has begun, but summer does not mean a lack of events, since new labor is needed at this time as well, and this lack (or need) can be brought to the surface even more by the loss of support due to the vacation. However, it does not hurt to be on the lookout, because at the same time black employment also becomes a widespread practice in these months: and those who are employed “black”, i.e. without notification, may be at a serious disadvantage. The consequences can affect pensions, sick pay, childcare, maternity leave, and even the proof of income required for taking out a loan – pointed out Dénes Rajmund Roland, director of the Human Centrum.

Compared to the spring and autumn peak seasons for job hunting, the number of applications drops noticeably in the summer, which can be explained, among other things, by the fact that some sectors – the construction industry, hospitality, trade and the agricultural sector – temporarily absorb the workforce. In the summer months, for example, the number of seasonal agricultural and tourism jobs increases significantly both at home and abroad.According to Dénes Rajmund, director of the Human Centrum, companies burdened by vacations can turn to full-time employees in addition to students, but it is okay to treat temporary “assistance” with reservations. There is no obstacle for the employee to have two employment relationships with two different employers at the same time, as well as for him to establish a civil law relationship (for example, commission, business) in addition to his employment relationship. However, if the employee did not sign an employment contract, or even if he did sign it, he did not receive a copy of it, and he did not receive a job description or payroll, then it is worth suspecting.

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