The last day for agricultural damage mitigation has arrived

By: STA Date: 2022. 11. 30. 09:00

Until November 30, 2022, farmers can submit their application for damage mitigation benefits on the electronic application interface of the MKR (Agricultural Risk Management System) of the Hungarian State Treasury (Treasury).

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Applications for damage mitigation benefits for the year 2022 can be accessed via the following route: Electronic application management→Agricultural risk management system→MKR Agricultural producers’ receipts 2023→MKR2220 Application for damage mitigation benefits 2022. You can click here to submit the application, in which village farmers also provide assistance more detailed information.

To fill out the application for the mitigation allowance, click here to access the 2017-2022. reference prices and average yield data applicable in damage mitigation years. In the application for the damage mitigation benefit, the current year and reference yield value of the plant culture can be established using the specified reference prices. In the case of crops for which a price band has been specified in addition to the reference price, a price different from the reference price, falling within the price band and certified by an invoice or production contract can also be used for the calculation.
If the producer does not have his own yield data for one of the years of the reference period for a plant crop, then to determine the reference yield, the now published 2017-2021. annual average yield data can be used.
Please note that the 2017-2021 in addition to the average yield data for the year 2022, the average yield data for 2022 are also available, which must only be used in the application for the damage mitigation benefit if the producer does not have his own yield data for this year because the harvest level of the plant culture does not yet exceed 50 %-five. If the level of harvesting exceeds 50%, in that case the total quantity of harvested crops must be given in tons.

The agricultural producer is entitled to half of the damage mitigation allowance due to him (which can extend to a maximum of 80 percent of the reduction in yield value), if in the damage mitigation year he does not commit to at least half of the yield value of the plant-level reference, which is characteristic of the plant culture, drought, inland water, torrential rain, hail, agricultural agricultural insurance covering damage caused by flood, spring frost, autumn frost, winter frost or storm. If the agricultural producer has an agricultural insurance contract, its details must be indicated in the application for damage mitigation benefits, and an electronic copy of the offer form and policy of the contract concluded with the insurance company must be attached. If the insurance was taken out in a scheme whose premium can be subsidized, then the market insurer has already sent the contract data to the Treasury, so the contract data is automatically displayed in the electronic receipt of the application for damage mitigation benefits, the producer only receives the offer form of the insurance contract and the bond must be attached to the application. If the contracting party in the agricultural insurance contract is not the agricultural producer, a certificate issued by the contracting party (integrator) or the insurance company must be attached to the application interface.

Damage mitigation benefits can only be given to crops with an accepted damage report. Crops for which the producer did not have a damage report accepted in the 2022 damage mitigation year will not be visible in the application.
In the event that the customer has a damage report, but no decision has yet been received from the agricultural damage assessment body, the plant culture will appear on the surface, but the harmful row will be visible with an area of ​​0 ha.

If the agricultural damage assessment body has not yet made a decision on the damage report, it is recommended to wait for it before submitting the application for the damage mitigation allowance – taking into account the deadline for submitting the application for the damage mitigation allowance!

The application for the mitigation benefit must be submitted no later than November 30, 2022, because this submission deadline is void. As a result, if there is a legal remedy procedure in progress for a damage report rejected by the agricultural damage assessment body, customers should still submit their request for damage mitigation benefits by November 30.

After the submission deadline, only an amendment request to reduce the amount of the damage mitigation benefit can be submitted, and in the procedures of the Treasury and the agricultural damage assessment body, it is not possible to fill in gaps or fill in documents afterwards!
The Treasury will decide on requests for damage mitigation benefits by the end of March 2023 at the latest, and make payments.

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