This winter’s seasonal control in the food chain has started

By: STA Date: 2022. 12. 05. 10:50

This year, December 5-18. ordered the winter seasonal food chain inspection by Dr. Márton Nobilis, State Secretary responsible for food industry and trade policy at the Ministry of Agriculture. During the two-week series of inspections covering the entire country, an increased presence of specialists is expected in all areas of the food chain.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Nébih’s laboratory will examine several types of products from seasonally popular product groups, such as fruits, confectionary convenience products, spices, and alcoholic beverages. The national inspections are carried out by the regional food chain supervisory bodies and Nébih specialists under the coordination of the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih). In a two-week period, the focus of the inspections is on compliance with hygiene rules and the traceability of the origin of food, which the inspectors can ask for in the case of any food production and distribution facility, restaurant, market and festive event (fairs, expatriate caterers).

School buffets, meat products, and confectionery products are under investigation

Márton Nobilis emphasized that popular products of the winter season, such as meat and meat products, live fish, and confectionary products, will also receive special attention this year. In addition, in the case of several product types, targeted laboratory tests with an increased number of samples will also take place. The products under special scrutiny are seasonal fruits, confectionary convenience products, spices, and alcoholic beverages. A new element of the winter seasonal food chain inspection is the inspection of the activities of school canteens, as well as an informational overview of the offer. The specialists examine the suitability of the operation, with particular regard to the conditions for the preparation, storage and sale of sandwiches.

Although the national action will be renewed in many respects this year, its purpose remains the same. The series of inspections is still aimed at ensuring that safe and high-quality food is placed on the shelves of stores and on the tables of Hungarian families in the period before the holidays, despite the increased traffic, the state secretary emphasized.


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