Food bank collection: half of the donations were given by ALDI customers

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 15. 12:10

ALDI Hungary pays special attention to social responsibility and supporting the needy. As part of this, it continuously supports the socially important work of charitable organizations. The supermarket chain has been cooperating with the Hungarian Food Bank Association since 2016. In the course of the cooperation, not only food that is no longer commercially available but still suitable for human consumption reaches the needy every day through the Association, but the supermarket chain has also been actively participating in the Food Bank Association’s fundraisers for years.

Accordingly, during the national non-perishable food collection that took place last weekend, May 10 and 11, the company – like other retail chains – collected the donations together with the association in its 98 stores. 1176 volunteers participated in the two-day campaign. Based on feedback from the Magyar Élélmiszerbank Egyesület, the discount chain and the association once again concluded a very successful joint campaign, since more than half of the donations, a total of 69,572 kg, were due to ALDI customers. With this, the largest volume among the retail chains once again comes from the 98 participating ALDI stores.

This time, customers donated the most flour, pasta and rice, and a larger amount of canned goods and various pasta sauces went into the baskets collecting donations. In addition, the offerings include about 4.5 tons of sweets and baby food, which will surely be a great relief for families with children, especially as Children’s Day approaches. Through the donations, 15,564 kg of flour, 9,183 kg of rice, 6,770 kg of canned food, 6,848 kg of sugar, 11,518 kg of pasta, 11,206 liters of milk, 4,008 liters of cooking oil, 3,463 kg of sweets and 1,012 kg of baby food were collected.

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