More “green” Tescos

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 02. 05. 08:00

According to Mónika Hackl, communications director of Tesco Globál Zrt, the balance sheet has not been completed yet, but it is certain that results will be below target figures. However, plans revised for the third quarter of 2008 have been fulfilled. Sales plans needed to be revised as a result of an unexpected drop in consumer spending. The majority of consumers have turned to cheaper products within categories. As private labels are often chosen as a replacement for brands, Tesco is continuously developing its quality private labels. Tesco prefers to buy basic foods from local suppliers, if possible. Their 90th hyper market has been opened this year, bringing the total number of Tesco stores in Hungary to 142. New architectural solutions have been used in the construction of the store located on Bécsi út, which is the first representative of a new concept. Both exterior and interior design is different from that of other units built in the past. All changes are intended to make shopping a true experience which enhances customer loyalty. This design concept will be used for all new stores to be built in the future. Other stores which are to be modernised will be closed so that construction work can proceed 24 hours a day. All new Tesco stores will be equipped with energy saving systems, like solar cells. Some innovations in retail technology will also be introduced, including electronic labels and intelligent logistic software. Automatic systems for returning PET bottles and aluminium cans will be introduced in 37 stores. Hyper markets will select returned packaging materials and send these to contracted recycling enterprises.

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