There is a growing interest in the one and only bee hotel in Croatia

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 09. 24. 11:10
There is a growing interest in the only “bee hotel” in Croatia that offers hives full of fertile bees to people who, although they want to produce their own honey, have neither the time nor the space to take care of small pollinators, the Croatian press reported.

We can get a hive and original honey at the bee hotel in Croatia

The bee hotel is located in a pine forest not far from the town of Garesnice in central Croatia. It is a unique idea implemented by the Balja couple, Domagoj and Tatjana, with a hundred-year-old family beekeeping tradition behind them.

Their aim was to help increase the quality of beekeeping tourism and education programs, to bring tradition and originality to a sector that does not destroy the ecosystem. (MTI)