A crate of 1974 Chinese grain distillate was sold at a London auction at a record price of 1 million pounds

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 06. 22. 11:01
For one million British pounds (413 million forints), a crate was sold from a 1974 vintage of the legendary Chinese national drink, the pajcsiu – a grain distillate made mainly of sorghum or rice – at a London auction, which a record in the history of auctions held outside China.

Source: wikipedia.org

The result surprised Sotheby’s, who organized Friday’s auction, who estimated a knockdown price of up to 200,000 pounds to 450,000 pounds, CNN reported on its website.
A Kweichow Moutai-branded version of the famous Chinese grain distillate, sold under the name Sun Flower, was put up for auction at the London auction. The buyer is an unnamed Chinese collector. (MTI)

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