A Croatian district spends 3.5 million euros on sustainable tourism development

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 17. 08:08

The Gola district in northern Croatia, located near the Hungarian border, is spending 3.5 million euros (1.3 billion forints) on sustainable tourism development, the local press announced on Monday.

District head Stjepan Milinkovic said: the somewhat secluded district, which is separated from the rest of the county by the Drava river, intends to use its natural resources for the development of tourism.

As part of the project, a port will be built on the Drava for 42 watercraft, and a center suitable for the presentation of natural heritage will be created in the old parish. Thus, those who visit the center can later enjoy the flora and fauna along the river by boat or boat, as well as electric bicycles that can be rented at the former parish. On the ground floor of the exhibition center, there are six thematic exhibition spaces that present Gola’s natural heritage.

In the basement, two exhibitions are set up on the history of the neighborhood and the architecture of the old rectory. The main motif of the center will be the baline, which is among the sensitive freshwater species on the red list of freshwater fish species threatened with extinction – it was said at the conference organized to present the project.

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