The owner of the first Hungarian McDonald’s would turn this business into an international franchise

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 07. 01. 11:45

A community garden model started as a family business will be brought to the European market by former McDonald’s Marketing Board Chairman András Kercsmár, who, channeling his decades of experience, will help the MyFarm team in marketing in addition to building the international franchise.

The owner of the first Hungarian franchise-based McDonald’s recently acquired a stake in MyFarm community gardens. MyFarm started as a community-philanthropy-focused project 5-6 years ago, the founder Gábor Kövesdi first wanted to create a job for his father by selling and delivering chemical-free backyard vegetables and fruits in a subscription system. For them, the product is not the vegetables, but the land: a plot of land that the customer can rent for the season. The farmers produce the vegetables on this land, which the company then delivers on a weekly or monthly basis. The basket community now operates five MyFarm gardens across the country in a quasi-franchise model.

Over the years, more and more people joined the Gábors, MyFarm was doing better and better, and investors started courting the company. The first big gun to get in was Petya Balogh, who is also known from the RTL Klub Cápák têt program, the angel investor also voted his confidence in Gábor Kövesdi’s second venture after the Brancsközösség – the specialist had never before invested in even two companies of a startup.

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