Duna House: the pandemic and high energy prices also affected the business premises market

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 07. 03. 09:38

The pandemic, soaring energy prices and labor shortages also had a significant impact on the market for business premises operating as catering establishments; 90 percent of the owners who approached Duna House (DH) this year decided to sell their restaurant, DH told MTI.

According to the data of the real estate brokerage company, in 2022, 85 percent of restaurant owners who requested the help of a real estate expert gave an order to sell their property, and 15 percent wanted to find a tenant instead of selling.

In the announcement, Benedikt Károly, head of PR and analysis at Duna House, explained: the loss caused by the curfew was only the beginning for the restaurateurs, the rise in energy prices forced many to part with their property despite the relatively mild winter. The decline in turnover caused by high inflation also made the situation more difficult, so this year the proportion of owners who would rather sell their properties suitable for catering rose to 90 percent.

The owners of other types of business premises decided in favor of selling or renting last year and again this year, unchanged, approximately 60-40 percent throughout the country.

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