dm Beauty Workshop: “Nature is full of new ideas”

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 23. 11:59

In many areas of life, people can draw inspiration from nature, the eternal source has always fascinated and nourished their creativity. Throughout the centuries, artists, poets, writers and musicians have always chosen nature as a source of inspiration. Painters captured the splendor of wild flowers on their canvases, sculptors cast the forms of rivers and mountains in bronze, poets recorded the magical moments of sunsets in rhymes, while musicians transferred the songs of birds to their instruments.

Inspiration in nature is not only available to artists and scientists. It is there for all of us if we walk in the world with our eyes open. A walk in the mountains, a bath in the sea, or even a simple look at flowers can awaken creativity and a flood of new ideas in us – so it is not surprising that nature is the source of new impulses in dm’s 2024 concept.

The main event of dm’s spring beauty campaign was held at Stúdió Kvarda in Óbuda. In the building located in the area of ​​the old hosiery factory, on about 300 square meters, beauty care was the main role for one day. As part of the already iconic dm Beauty Workshop, dm’s supplier partners had to design the activities related to the brands to a different, yet unified concept.

dm’s own stand guided the guests to a secret garden: the bouquet, where we create something new from individual flowers, beautiful creations of nature, and in this new, in addition to flowers, greens and other accessories, the spring trend of 2024 was included !t up, alverde, and s-he color&style decor novelties too!

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