OTC product retail sales are growing dynamically

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 05. 06. 09:08

Retail sales of drugs and medicinal products that can be bought without a prescription (OTC products) grew by 11 percent to HUF 147 billion last year.
Nielsen 18mm_opt According to Bernadett Osztoics, client service director with Nielsen, demand was the greatest for vitamins and dietary supplements – their share from sales was 31 percent last year. General pain relievers and fever reducers’ share was 16 percent, while cough remedies were at 7 percent. From the highest-turnover OTC products Nielsen measured sales growth above the average among general pain relievers and fever reducers (13 percent), cough remedies (14 percent) nasal congestion remedies (17 percent), anti-bloating products (12 percent), anti-diarrheal products (16 percent) and fungus medication (13 percent). Market players spent HUF 133 billion on advertising OTC products on television – 7 percent less than in the previous year.

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