Digital Smell Challenge: how to protect against cyber attacks

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 27. 11:11

Worldwide, the number of frauds occurring in the digital space and the amount of money stolen are increasing. Although, according to European statistics, Hungary is one of the particularly safe countries, it is a shocking fact that the entire savings of three Hungarian families are lost to cybercriminals every day! In addition, phishing is becoming a growing problem for the unwary: there is almost no online platform where we do not come across certain “too good to be true” offers that we can click on to say goodbye to our personal data – or even our saved money…

This is what the Médiaunió Foundation’s “You are the key” campaign, running for the second year now, as well as the quiz game called Digital Skin Challenge, draw attention to. The latter is one of the most popular elements of the PÉNZ7 educational program, organized for the tenth time this year, in which approximately 200,000 students from more than 1,250 schools participated in March.

The Digital Szimat Quizzes compiled by the Hungarian Bank Association and its partners offer anyone the opportunity to test their online self-defense skills. By playing with the help of the knowledge test, you can learn the tricks and signs with which we can recognize and defend against the increasingly frequent attacks against our money or data. Since these pose a threat not only to students, but also to the older generation, the tests can even be completed in a family circle, thereby helping to prepare potentially more careless family members.


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