Digimeter research series: digitization is not about technology, but about the organization

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 06. 30. 11:34

Corporate digitization is only apparently about technology, in fact it is the ability to apply technology, which primarily depends on the company manager, organizational culture and well-defined processes. The goal of digitization is always to increase efficiency, which is why it is basically a means and not a goal. The Digiméter research series examined the digitization of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises.

In April and May 2023, Digiméter conducted qualitative, in-depth interview research with 24 experts and SME managers. The purpose of the research was to find out what stimulates or hinders the digitization of (Hungarian) small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the research series that has been running since 2020, the level of digitalization of domestic SMEs has not changed significantly in recent years, so it is of utmost importance to understand how companies see digitalization, what hinders development and what supports it.

According to the interviewees who participated in the research, corporate digitization is an increase in efficiency through cooperation between people, the organization, processes and technology. Digitization means that we can use IT tools to do what we have been doing faster, more efficiently, and more skillfully. But with the help of digitalization, we can also do something that we couldn’t do before, so it can help you to create a new business operation or to create services that didn’t exist before. At the same time, the contribution of people and the organization is at least as important in successful digitalization as the application of the technology used.

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