Czerván György: the reduction of VAT on food saves about 50-60 thousand HUF for the families

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2017. 07. 10. 11:37

The reduction of VAT on foodstuffs saves about 50-60 thousand HUF for an average for a family of four members each year so far – the Minister of State of the Ministry of Agriculture (FM) said on Monday at a press conference in Budapest.


Czerván György recalled that the VAT on pig meat decreased to 5 percent in 2016, the VAT rate of fresh milk, eggs and poultry meat in 2017, and next year the VAT on fish and pig offal will be reduced to 5 percent. In addition, during this time, the VAT on intermediate products has also been reduced to the preferential rate, such as live and half-pigs, live and cut cattle, goats and sheep. (MTI)

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