Csepreghy: it may be a record year for tourism

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 08. 26. 10:40

The tourism industry recovered from the crisis. It is forecasted that this year, the number of guest nights, spent by foreign and domestic guests will amount to 23-24 million by the end of the year, increasing by 8 percent, compared to last year’s datas – Csepreghy Nándor Deputy Secretary for the Prime Minister's Office told MTI.

szallszobaCsepreghy Nándor informed that the share of tourism was the seven percent of the Hungarian GDP last year, with an approximately 1,200 billion HUF revenue. In the forthcoming years, the task is to achieve a 15-18 percent ratio. In the scope of the New Széchenyi plan, more than 600 large and small developments have been implemented in a value of 150 billionHUF. (MTI)

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