A pig farm in Békéscsaba was built with almost six billion forints

By: STA Date: 2023. 09. 20. 11:00

A pig farm on the outskirts of Békéscsaba was built with almost six billion forints, where 25,000 slaughter pigs are expected to be sold annually, the investor Hajdúsági Agráripari (HAGE) Zrt. told MTI on Thursday.

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HAGE Zrt., a member of the NAGISZ group of companies, financed the 14,000-square-meter pig farm consisting of four livestock buildings and considered one of the most modern in Europe, using state aid of 2.166 billion forints from 5.9 billion forints. The contractor was Bodrogi Bau Kft. based in Hódmezővásárhely.

64 breeding sows arrive at the farm every 9 weeks from the NAGISZ company group’s pig farm in Nádudvar

The animals reach their sales weight, approximately 115 kilograms, during a 116-day rearing period. According to the plans, 2,900 tons of pigs will be sold annually to the Alföldi Pork Sales and Buyers Agricultural Cooperative; from where 80-85 percent of the animals go to the domestic markets – said farm manager László Lapos to MTI. There are already animals in three of the four buildings, and they will arrive in the fourth within two weeks. An automated ventilation and feeding system has been set up on the farm, and through the central air inlets, the fresh air, which is tempered in both winter and summer, goes into the air ducts under the floor, from where it enters the animal housing in a controlled quantity and speed through air intake columns. Exhaust fans remove the used air from the holding areas. This ensures that the animals’ appetite remains even in the summer heat – explained László Lapos. In the company group, this is the first place for large-scale farmers with an informal way of keeping, which also helps to ensure animal welfare aspects. The feed comes from NAGISZ’s central plant, storage capacity has been built in Békéscsaba, and a so-called main kitchen has been established, where the liquid feed is produced for the fattening house, where the animals are fed four times a day. The average specific feed consumption is 2.6 kilograms. They have a manure storage capacity of about 20,000 cubic meters – they can store 8,000 in the lagoon spaces under the buildings – which covers the annual amount released, said László Lapos. The farm, which also has its own waterworks network, employs 12 workers.

The NAGISZ company group owns the Békéscsaba pig farm in Békés county

With the investment, the group’s pig herd will increase to 13 ,000 animals annually; From 2024, they intend to sell 300,000 slaughter pigs. At the end of 2020 – when more than 90 percent of its ownership went to the PortfoLion Zöld Alap belonging to the OTP group – it decided on a 30 billion HUF development series, of which 21.4 billion have already been implemented. The biggest investment was in Békéscsaba. Pig breeding colony with 1,500 sow beds in Náudvaron; In Hajdúszoboszló, fattening and piglet rearing facilities were established. In Nádudvar, a turkey breeding farm and a 1,100-seat cattle farm with milking robots were built for 1.24 billion forints, and the feed production capacity was also expanded here for 1.4 billion forints; And the turkey farm was expanded in Tarnaleles – Sándor Tóth, economic director of NAGISZ, told MTI. He added that they would like to further strengthen the pig and feed sectors, and the development concepts are currently in the planning phase.


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