Coca-Cola: Frenki, the plush “elephant man”

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 05. 16. 11:50

Some people want to cheer others unselfishly. Oláh Zsolt is among them. He works in a plastic manufacturing plant, but in his spare time he becomes Frenki a plush elephant and strolling the streets to put a smile on the face of the passers-by with his mere sight and a hug.

coca-cola_logo5We pass often beside good things, in fact we simply do not realize the little things make us feel better every day. Oláh Zsolt’s hobby to cheer others, so he became a hero of Coca-Cola’s “Pass the good” campaign.

This year Coca Cola is serching for everyday a bit obsessed heroes, who brighten our everyday life with tiny kindnesses without waiting anything for it.

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