A new life for chip bags – a sustainable idea won the Samsung and EdisonKids competition

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 06. 06. 09:23

With an alternative environmentally conscious idea, the creative and practical reuse of chip bags, Nyírst students took home the top prize at the Samsung and EdisonKids Solutions for Tomorrow challenge.

In the third edition of the competition, students aged 12-18 compared their projects in the categories of community, sustainability and future education. Among the eight finalist teams, the idea of the NUT (Napkor’s Upcycler Team) team, turning the chip bags into heat-resistant bags, proved to be the best. The modular educational robot took second place, and the designers of the cricket farm took the third step of the podium. The first three winners can choose Samsung devices worth a total of HUF 6 million for themselves, their pre-service teachers and their school.

This year’s call by Samsung and EdisonKids received a record number of applications, 164 teams, a total of 559 students across the country took the opportunity to show that they will be the inventors or entrepreneurs of the future. Following the jury’s decision, 50 teams made it to the semi-finals, where the workshop started on an online social learning platform. The participants got to know the design thinking methodology and the solution options for unstructured problems, while their teachers were able to participate in mentorship training. Competitors from Budapest, Békéscsaba, Kiskunhalas, Napkór and Százsvár made it to the top eight, who could practice the tricks of a persuasive presentation at the Momentán Társulat’s personal presentation training, as well as delve into the secrets of the startup world at the other workshops. In recent months, experts from Samsung and EdisonKids worked as mentors with the students on the projects, the diversity of which demonstrated the wide-ranging interests and creative thinking of the young people in the fields of technological development, awareness and community life.

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