József Bock received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Hungarian Wine Academy

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 20. 11:06

The signal of the Hungarian Wine Academy, in honor of winemaker József Bock, rang out in the Hunting Hall of the Parliament. The Villány specialist was greeted by his family members, members of the MBA, and friends at the presentation of the Életmű Award, founded in 2017.

“Our country’s history, talents, wine culture, product specialties and excellent professionals create a strong foundation. However, this requires great personalities and characters who shape, pave the way and take on the associated difficulties. József Bock’s name has become a concept in the Hungarian wine community over the past decades”

István Jakab praised the awardee. The Vice-President of the Parliament added that the life and work of the Villány winemaker is a good example of how outstanding results can be achieved with hard, persistent work and unbroken faith over a lifetime.

Csaba Koch, president of the MBA, reminded that the Academy has been awarding the Winemaker of the Year award for thirty-three years now, and the Lifetime Achievement Award was also established in 2017 to recognize outstanding winemaking careers.

Speaking about the awardee, he emphasized that József Bock has been making wine for more than fifty years, and also does a lot for the community, including as a member of the MBA board. So far, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Hungarian Wine Academy has been won by Ede Tiffán, Vencel Garamvári, István Szepsy, Miklós Kállay and Péter Módos.

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