Domestic subscription e-commerce could explode

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 18. 12:17

According to industry forecasts, the subscription model of global e-commerce expands by more than 50 percent annually, while in Hungary even greater growth is possible due to the low penetration. Exploiting the trend is critical to increasing the competitiveness of the domestic e-commerce sector.

The domestic e-commerce market faces a number of challenges: according to KSH data, traffic increased by only three percent in 2023. An even greater difficulty is that domestic online stores have been shrinking for years, mainly regional and global players have been able to carve out an ever-larger slice of the market. On the other hand, subscription e-commerce offers an opportunity to increase competitiveness, with its significant growth potential.

The goal of the Customer Subscription Program is to accelerate this development in Hungary as well, by providing support to businesses in the introduction of the subscription model. Through online and offline events, the program introduces you to the good practice of creating and operating a subscription service.

The concept of subscription e-commerce is still little known in Hungary, although many people already use it. When we know in advance that we need a product every week or month, it is unnecessary to spend time ordering it, it is easier and more worthwhile to subscribe to it. In this way, the courier can bring the package of vegetables or fruit, diapers or even the razor at the specified time.

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