BDO: The ERP system can also be a double-edged sword if they do not understand it

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 02. 23. 10:48

Integrated ERP, or enterprise management systems, have been revolutionizing the global economy and business operations for quite some time. Today, they are practically essential above a certain business size or a certain complexity of the processes. The implementation of an ERP system is a long-term investment that can bring significant benefits to the business.

It is said less often, but an ERP implementation is a big step. If the company is not properly prepared for this, it is easy to take a big step in the wrong direction, so it is important to spend extra time on the introduction in addition to professional preparation. Below, the experts of BDO in Hungary highlight some common mistakes that have caused more than one ERP project to “slip”, being achieved late, more expensively, or missing the original goals.

The most common errors are caused by incomplete or low-quality data, inadequate optimization, inadequate preparation, excessive customization, incorrect software selection, problems related to system integration, and insufficient senior management support, experts from the BDO Solutions business pointed out. In the following, some phenomena that threaten the success of ERP projects are presented. In addition to expertise, all-encompassing preparation is what can maximize the benefits offered by ERP for businesses, while the following typical errors are worth paying attention to:

It is important that the efficiency of an ERP system depends to a large extent on the efficiency of the processes it automates. A new introduction provides an opportunity to identify gaps and to improve and optimize work processes and make the necessary adjustments.

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