Owl Cafe – Video of the day

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2024. 03. 05. 08:30

What’s more, it’s literally owlish!
All over the world, many restaurant concepts are based on the love of animals, but Asians often go for extreme things as well. Even if the bird is considered extreme:
In Tokyo, the cafe has been operating successfully for quite some time, in which guests enjoy their food and drinks among owls, while they pet and take pictures of them. It is said that there is already a line in front of the store an hour before opening. We did not contact the relevant department of the NÉBIH on the subject.
Just an interesting fact: for more than 40 years there was a restaurant next to the Taganka theater (that is, Vladimir Viszockíj regularly drank vodka there), where a rooster sat all night on a deer antler hung above the musicians’ heads.

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