Kitkap green tea matcha is now available in Europe

By: Trademagazin Date: 2019. 02. 19. 10:45

KitKat, chocolate covered wafers from the UK, have gained legions of fans across the globe, and Japan is no exception. First introduced to Japan in 1973, it quickly became a best-seller.

Among the 350+ flavors of KitKat that Nestlé Japan has introduced are flavors that take you on a tour of Japan, However, out of all the flavors, matcha stands out from the rest.

The very first matcha KitKat, Uji Matcha, was released in 2004. At present there are currently 10 varieties of Matcha KitKat on the Japanese market — and we’ve tried them all. See if you can try them all while you’re in Japan!

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