Sz. Variáns created luxury packaging for St. Andrea’s internationally successful wine

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 02. 28. 10:52

The packaging is a decisive factor in the sale of a product, as it can be used to infer its quality and value on the one hand, and on the other hand, it conveys a sense of life. According to research, the average customer who spends just 30 minutes in a store notices a total of 9,000 items during that time, 6 per second. Based on this, it can be calculated that only 0.16 seconds are allocated to the packaging, the effect, the persuasive power of the external appearance, on the basis of which the customer decides whether to vote for the given product must be condensed into this. János Szakál, the owner-manager of Sz. Variáns Kft., a family business recognized for its gift boxes, proposes a cost-effective, but still elegant, solution to convey uniqueness.

For Sz. Variáns, the multiple award-winning master of packaging technology, it is a primary concern that the exterior should express the quality of the interior content, so he found the ideal technology, which is not widely used in our country, which allows the premium products of top brands to shine in worthy packaging. The Debrecen-based company created an elegant gift box for the product of one of its number one partners, the St. Andrea Szőlőbirtok, using 3D mold lacquering and gilding. The elegant-looking Grand Superior 2017 Egri Bikavér from the St. Andrea Nagy-Eged vineyard was chosen among the world’s 50 best wines in 2021.

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