The national chief veterinarian has abolished the mandatory confinement

By: STA Date: 2023. 06. 26. 10:00

Thanks to the favorable development of the epidemiological situation, Dr. National Chief Veterinarian Szabolcs Pásztor withdrew the regulation on keeping poultry indoors. It is important, however, that the obligation to feed and drink indoors remains in force, and compliance with the minimum epidemic prevention conditions is essential to prevent another outbreak.

(Photo: PIxabay)

The laboratory of the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) has not detected any new bird flu infections in poultry since the end of April. Due to the favorable development of the epidemic situation, the national chief veterinarian – in his latest decision published on June 16 – withdrew the national regulation on the mandatory confinement of poultry.

It is important that animal keepers continue to comply with the minimum epidemic prevention conditions

In this way, the risk of bird flu appearing again in our country can be minimized. The provisions requiring closed feeding and drinking also remain in force, and the feed must also be stored in a closed place. Farmers can find information about the regulations on the Nébih thematic sub-page (


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