ESET’s analysis warns about the safe use of online marketplaces due to the spread of fraud

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 08. 30. 06:35

While the number of sellers and buyers on online marketplaces is constantly increasing, the number of fraudsters on these platforms is also increasing: for example, every sixth user of Facebook Marketplace, which has more than one billion users, has already been scammed, according to the analysis of ESET, which provides business and home security software solutions.

Fraud is not always apparent at first sight

They said the platform, which enables peer-to-peer trading, is free and easy to use, and users feel safe as they can also view sellers’ profiles. However, this sense of security is often false, as like any other online marketplace, it attracts plenty of fraudsters.

The announcement quotes István Csizmazia-Darab, the IT security expert of Sicontact Kft., one of the largest Hungarian software distributors dealing with IT security, who said:

“more and more users are turning to online platforms in order to get quick money as a seller or to buy products at a lower price as a buyer. At the same time, however, fraudsters are also appearing in increasing numbers on online marketplaces, so security awareness and caution are still extremely important”.

He added that, similarly to phishing, early recognition of warning signs, such as a suspiciously low price, the use of bad garmmar and urging, is important here, because it can protect users from being deceived. According to the analysis, since false advertisements also affect home sales and car purchases, quite large amounts are often involved.


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