10 percent more sunflower crops are expected in the EU this year

By: STA Date: 2024. 04. 16. 09:30

Oil World expects a worldwide sunflower seed harvest of 57.9 million tons in 2023/2024. economic year, this may exceed the previous year’s volume by 4 percent. The global output may be 2 million tons below the indicated consumption of 59.9 million tons, so the closing stock may be around 4 million tons in 2023/2024. at the end of the season.

(Photo: Pixabay)

According to Tallage, sunflower seeds can occupy 4.9 million hectares in the European Union this year, slightly more than a year earlier. In the Central European member countries, the mild weather in March favored the preparation of sowing.

The sunflower crop in the EU may exceed the previous year by 10 percent in 2024, reaching 10.7 million tons

According to AKI PÁIR data, processors and traders bought sunflower seeds with a high oleic acid content (HO) for HUF 145.8 thousand/ton (-16 percent), and high oil content (LO) for HUF 138.3 thousand/ton (-18 percent) in April in its first week. The producer price of industrial sunflower seeds (including high oleic sunflower seeds) without VAT and transport costs was on average HUF 140.6 thousand/ton (-17 percent).


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