AI already pays attention to feelings in customer communication

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 21. 10:36

Japanese tech giant SoftBank has embarked on a new project based on voice-modifying artificial intelligence to filter out angry tones from customer phone calls.

The project, described by the Financial Times, aims to create a safer and less stressful working environment for those working in the service sector. The so-called “Emotion Cancelling” system is able to modify the angry voice of the caller in real time, so that the call center employees only hear a refined, calmer tone. The original words will not change, only the intensity and tone of the sounds will be lighter. To develop the artificial intelligence, they enlisted the help of actors who simulated different shades of anger, from screaming to shouting, thereby helping the AI ​​to recognize and deal with these sounds appropriately. The technology is expected to be ready for wider adoption in sales and service sectors by March 2026. Although the project looks promising in terms of worker protection, it also raises a number of legal and ethical issues. In particular, modifying the voice of customers without permission can raise legal concerns, which may also include violations of privacy rights. According to the developers, it is important to find a balance between protection and customer rights.

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