The United States has the Highest Ecommerce Penetration Rate

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 04. 11. 09:11

According to data presented by, the United States has the highest ecommerce penetration rate in the world of 87%, much more than any other country.

Although in-person shopping is back in full swing in 2024, ecommerce continues to thrive due to technologies that have taken the online shopping experience to a whole new level. Voice search, artificial intelligence, AR, and VR-enhanced shopping have practically wiped off the differences between online shopping and going into the brick-and-mortar store, turning e-commerce into the number one choice for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Still, Americans seem to be the biggest fans of this type of shopping, with their country having the highest e-commerce penetration rate globally.

According to Statista Market Insights, 87% of Americans are expected to make at least one purchase of a new physical item online in 2024, much more than in any other country. Although the penetration rate doesn’t show how frequently a country’s population shops online, it usually goes hand in hand with the e-commerce intensity. Statistics show that the US e-commerce penetration rate is twice that in China, the world`s biggest e-commerce industry, and 30% higher than in most European top markets.

More than 96% of Americans will Shop Online by 2029

And while the United States may be the world`s most advanced e-commerce market, even there, online shopping still hasn’t reached everyone. According to a Statista survey, roughly 250 million Americans shopped online last year. With another 20 million people flocking to shopping apps and online shops, the total number of users in the US market will hit over 270 million this year. Statista expects this figure to jump over 330 million in the next four years, with the ecommerce penetration rate in the country rising to over 96%.

In comparison, China, the world`s largest ecommerce industry, counts 542 million online shoppers in 2024, representing 47% of its population. By 2029, these figures will rise to 779 million and 56%.

As the second most advanced e-commerce market behind the United States, the United Kingdom will have 58 million online shoppers in 2029, 7 million more than this year, while the e-commerce penetration rate in the country will jump to a huge 91%.

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