Armadillo became the lead agency for the Nicolaus vodka brand of Várda-Drink Zrt

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 02. 06. 11:34

Várda-Drink Zrt. chose Armadillo as a partner to increase the recognition of the Nicolaus Vodka brand in Hungary. From February 2024, the full-service agency will take over the management of the vodka brand’s annual communication strategy and social media activities, as well as the planning and implementation of its influencer campaigns.

The goal is to update the brand concept. The task includes refining the slogan and main messages, strengthening the online and offline presence, as well as appearing on new social media platforms.

“We started thinking together in October last year, and after a long planning, the substantive work can finally start. We are tackling the challenges of the future with great enthusiasm, courage and commitment, and we are looking forward to joint successes.”

– said Dani Sass, creative director of Armadillo.

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