The AM extended the tenders for irrigation development

By: STA Date: 2023. 04. 13. 09:30

The Ministry of Agriculture has once again extended the extremely successful calls for tenders called “Development of the agricultural water management sector” and “Support for the cooperation of irrigation communities” announced in the framework of the Rural Development Program, and applications for support can be submitted until October 1, 2023, said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy.

(Photo: PIxabay)

The Ministry of Agriculture continues to treat the development of irrigated agriculture as a priority area due to, among other things, the extreme weather conditions, the uneven distribution of precipitation, and last year’s severe drought. The head of the ministry drew attention to the fact that the call for investment tenders will continue to provide a source of support to farmers for, among other things, the construction of reservoirs, new water extraction works, the installation of new irrigation machines and pipelines, and the replacement of elements of outdated irrigation systems. As part of the call for support for the cooperation of irrigation communities, applications can be made for the operation of existing, shared interest irrigation plants and the preparation of new irrigation investments.

On the basis of the two application options, the producers have already received support exceeding HUF 50 billion

In the future, it will be possible to request support for irrigation development within the framework of the KAP Strategic Plan, through which the department plans to spend an additional HUF 70 billion on the area. The government’s goal is to continuously increase the amount of irrigated areas, because it is basically possible to carry out safe production under irrigated conditions, said István Nagy. Details of the calls for tenders can be found on the website


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