Anuga presents its new trade show Anuga Alternatives

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 06. 19. 09:41

Anuga, the No. 1 for Food & Beverage Business, is presenting its new trade show Anuga Alternatives.

The trade show exclusively concentrates on a wide variety of products from the plant-based protein, insect protein, algae protein, mushroom-based protein and cell-cultivated meat segments. With over 1,400 companies worldwide, including at least 70 in Germany, that offer plant-based alternatives to animal-based products, the new trade show reflects the growing interest and increased variety within the industry. The commitment to alternative proteins ties in closely with the top theme of Anuga, ‘Sustainable Growth’.

“Alternative proteins are not a short-lived trend, but indeed the future of food. A healthy and sustainable supply of proteins will become an essential component for the food requirements of an ever increasing number of consumers. The market for alternative proteins is not only being pushed by the demand of the consumers, but equally by trailblazing, technological innovations. The progress made in processing plant-based sources of protein and finding new sources of protein are of central importance here. At the coming edition of Anuga, especially within the scope of Anuga Alternatives, we will examine these developments in detail,” explained Jan Philipp Hartmann, Director of Anuga.

In the light of the high global interest in sustainable food solutions, Anuga will offer an extensive programme comprising of webinars, workshops and speaker events that focus on alternative proteins and will examine the latest research results and technological breakthroughs. Professionals from science and business circles and environment protection organisations will share their cognitions about the plant-based, fermented and cell-cultivated protein sources.

In addition to the technical and scientific discussion, Anuga Alternatives also focuses on the social aspects of food production, including themes like ethical procurement, the preservation of biodiversity and the socio-economic effects of changing over to plant-based diets.

Overall market for plant-based food is growing

As such, Anuga is reacting to the rising trend within the trade of extending its line-up of plant-based own brands. This in turn is a reaction to the consumers’ growing demand: According to Innova Market Insights, a global market researcher, the market for plant-based meat substitute products in Germany has recorded significant growth both in terms of turnover and the number of product launches. Between 2022 and 2023 the market value increased by 7.8%, from a market size of USD 639 million in the year 2022 up to USD 689 million in the year 2023. Furthermore, in April 2024, 27% more meat substitute products were introduced onto the market than in the same period of the previous year, which represents a peak in innovation. Own brand companies also recorded positive growth in the category of meat substitute products – 34% of the market launches of meat substitute products in this country are now own brands.

Anuga will be next staged from 04.-08.10.2025.

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