Praline buyers do not economise when buying them as a present

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 10. 27. 08:00

As a result of austerity measures, the praline market has also stepped on the brake: growth rate drastically slowed down and now approaches stagnation. Bonbonetti’s sales director, György Seregi is of the opinion that great brands hold on to their market positions, but only with the help of extensive marketing work. According to Balázs Pászti, a consultant at Szamos Marcipán, the culture of chocolate consumption improved significantly in the past 5-6 years. Producers of premium products would like to see us buying more chocolate as a present; instead, we indulge ourselves and we do it with cheaper products than before. Andrea Gémes, trade marketing manager of Storck Hungária adds that proportion shifts within the categories are driven by brand activities. Private labels are gaining momentum, especially those that conceal themselves. Modern retail channels have largely contributed to growing praline sales: both expanding German discount chains have their private label pralines produced by well-known Hungarian and European manufacturers. This year’s zero tolerance law is disadvantageous to liqueur pralines, because people think that they contain enough alcohol to prevent them from driving. György Seregi spoke about Bonbonetti’s new marketing mix for the end of the year: more POS advertising and new marketing tools, seasonal packaging and displays. He mentioned that their premium dessert Bonbonita Dark Selection and Cherry Queen marzipan cream liqueur pralines improved sales this year. According to Andrea Gémes, Storck Hungária offers excellent choices for lovers of both mono (Toffifee) and mixed pralines (merci). They try to create further seasons (e.g. Halloween, start of the school year) for their products, therefore they use impressive displays in super- and hypermarkets. This season the company comes out with unusually large and special-shaped products, which can be reused if not sold (retailers do not have to take big risks with them); a new product, merci Crocant will debut as well. Balázs Pászti told us that Szamos Marcipán’s traditional decor boxes were of the same size and the same green colour, while a wide beige band would indicate the content (truffle, rose dessert, sour cherry dessert, orange peel strip).The new design premium display emphasizes their logo better. Premium character is also enforced by the 70 percent cocoa content of the Belgian chocolate all Szamos desserts and pralines are made from.

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