AI could be the key to a summer break for sole proprietorships

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 07. 10. 10:55

Today, 620,000 registered sole proprietors in Hungary are wondering how they can relax for at least one, but rather two weeks during the summer. The solution is not impossible, but it also requires some preparation and the use of the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, according to the summary of Billingo, one of the most frequently used domestic companies developing online invoicing programs. The summer period is challenging for the entrepreneurial sphere, especially consultants running their own businesses, IT professionals, legal and accounting professionals find it most difficult to tear themselves away from their desks.

As a self-employed person, going on vacation can be challenging, as the operation of the business depends on a single person who does not receive any special financial support or benefits for the time of his vacation, since he does not have an employer to provide all this. The income of sole proprietors depends directly on the work they do, so if they are not working, they usually have no income. A few steps and strategies can help to ensure that rest does not become a mission impossible, and that even the entrepreneur managing his own individual business can go on vacation calmly and efficiently.

Today, in Hungary, according to the latest data from the National Statistics Office – May 2024 – there are 620,000 individual entrepreneurs who, in general, can be said to manage their one-person businesses alone due to the nature of their profession or their way of life. For this reason, the introduction of a summer vacation comes with many challenges. In order for this not to be a completely impossible mission, of course, they need to carefully choose the time of shutdown and to plan and prioritize the amount of work in advance.

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