The end of the price cap: which food will consumers really miss with lower prices?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 02. 07. 12:22

During the year, there were several reports of empty shelves in stores and periods of stock shortages, which may end with the end of the price cap after April 15. However, consumers will miss the lower prices – the Agricultural Sector’s in-house poll shows what they will miss the most.

Nearly 1,500 responses were received to the small public opinion poll, and the proportion of votes shows a well-defined consumer mindset. We also show the results of which products Hungarians would most miss with a price cap:

Almost a quarter of the respondents (344 votes, which is 23.5% of the respondents) marked the chicken breast,
while almost a fifth of the votes received (278 votes, or 18.9%) went to the pork leg.

  • Edible oil took third place (221 votes, 15.1%).
    while the 2.8% UHT milk just missed the podium (184 votes and 12.6%).
  • This was followed by eggs (135 votes, 9.2%).
    the chicken-beef (87 votes, 5.9%),
    potatoes (80 votes, 5.4%)
    sugar (78 votes, 5.3%)
  • while for flour, only a small proportion of respondents (58 votes, 3.9%) said that they would miss the current, lower price.