Price increase in the stores

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 11. 09. 00:01

Origo’s product basket price increased significantly, compared to the last survey. The web portal – as before, now it did not take own branded products into account.

The prices of Auchan increased the most, but Cora remained the most expensive. The best choice for housewives was Auchan, the best choice for college students preparing for the weekend trip was Tesco at the beginning of November.
In September, the basket of Auchan increased by only 0.43, Cora’s by 0.70 percent. In September, Tesco’s prices rose the most; by 3.22 percent.
In the first days of November,Auchan’s prices increased significantly by 7.43 percent,compared to the end of September. Cora’s prices increased by 2.53 percent and remains the most expensive. Tesco’s prices increased the least,by 1.47 percent – reports Origo.

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