Image carriers on the go

By: trademagazin Date: 2012. 04. 01. 23:25

András Gerencsér from Béflex Solution Kft. and Balázs Koncz from Nordenskjöd Design Kft. told Trade magazin that efficient fleet decoration is image-focused and does not feature too much text or information.

A well-chosen image, company name and logo and maximum one message are enough. Fleet decoration should fit into the overall communication of the company. Fleet decoration is good if it can be used on many types of vehicle. Graphics and texts must be designed to be easily adaptable to different surfaces, without losing information or a part of the company image. Fleet decoration can play different roles, for instance a firm may decide to feature only the company logo on the vehicles – this suggests strength and stability, a really positive message to the company’s partners. Some fleet decorations do not only contribute to image building but also have an advertising function. According to a survey conducted by Outdoor Advertising Association of America, this is one of the most efficient advertising tools: 91 percent had a positive opinion about the examined fleet graphics. A really big advantage of this tool is that the media surface is already owned, so there is no extra cost. With a relatively low one-off cost companies can create a non-stop advertisement, which is also capable of constant image and brand communication. The message reaches much more people than other outdoor ads as vehicles are moving advertising surfaces. About traffic rules and regulations: car windows must not be decorated but it is allowed with lorries and trucks. An important stage of development in this was the appearance of perforated window foil. Several versions are available on the market, but it is highly recommended to use the one developed especially for vehicles, because with this raindrops do not get stuck in the small holes of the surface and do not block the view. In the last few years base materials were developing rapidly. Special foils appeared on the market which had been developed for vehicle decoration and are innovative in terms of colour and surface. These are very similar to colours and surfaces used in the automotive industry. It is also very important that the new solutions are really easy to apply. Unfortunately, the Hungarian decoration market is way too sensitive to prices. Special materials and solutions are more expensive than poor ones and very often customers do not look beyond low prices. Then come the problems: the decoration peels off or it cannot be removed when the time comes for a change: one has to scrape, there is leftover glue and the car’s paint may be damaged. Béflex’s decoration studio decorates thousands of vehicles every year, including those owned by market leading companies such K&H, Aldi, Dreher, UPC, Bosch or EGIS.

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