AM State Secretary: the trademark of national park products supports the livelihood of people living in the countryside

By: STA Date: 2023. 08. 11. 10:45

The trademark for national park products supports the livelihood of producers working under strict nature conservation regulations, creates a sales opportunity for those living in the countryside, and contributes to the utilization of local opportunities – said the State Secretary responsible for nature conservation of the Ministry of Agriculture (AM) on Saturday, at the Som-ünnep fruit festival in Aggtelek.

At the event, András Rácz emphasized that the products with the national park trademark are promoted by around 50 events across the country, including the Som festival in Aggtelek, which was held for the first time this year. According to the state secretary, national parks are becoming more and more well-known and popular, and social interest in natural values is increasing. It is a huge national treasure that almost one-third of Hungary’s territory has remained in a state close to nature, which few European states can boast of, he said. This heritage is protected by national parks, including the Aggteleki Park, established in 1985, which was the first in Hungary to be established to protect geological values. The Aggtelek Karst has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995, and it is still the only area in Hungary that has been recognized by the UN scientific and cultural organization in the natural category, he added.

András Rácz emphasized that national parks also play an increasingly important role in tourism

Out of almost 750 domestic ecotourism facilities, 350 are operated and receive almost 1.6 million visitors annually. 200,000 children participate in their environmental education programs, and the length of the educational trails is a total of 1,100 kilometers across the country. Spending free time today does not simply mean rest, more and more people want to recharge their batteries with hiking, nature walks, and active recreation, national parks play an increasingly important role in this as well, said the state secretary. According to the website of the trademark of national park products, the certification is a guarantee for buyers and consumers that they can know that they are buying a product produced in an environmentally friendly way, of high quality, and directly related to the area in question. In addition to branded products, the site also presents national park events.


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