The domestic commercial practice is fundamentally changing, the eReceipt is coming

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 06. 14. 11:50

With a single QR code, we can not only receive a receipt, but also request an invoice, present our loyalty card and redeem our coupons. These are just some of the benefits of the planned new system, which was outlined today by the head of NAV’s department at the 10th Laurel Retail Conference.

The government’s draft, which places the obligation to provide receipts on a completely digital basis, will fundamentally change the purchasing practice – it was revealed at the X. Retail Conference of Laurel Kft., held on June 14. Attila Mizsányi, head of NAV’s Risk Analysis and Data Science Department, presented the upcoming system in his presentation at the event.

Today’s paper-based receipt will still be available at the cash register, but the document will basically exist in digital form, so it must be stored on our smart device or in a system designed for this purpose. The customer will identify himself with a QR code during the purchase, but will not provide personal information, so the anonymity of the purchase will still be ensured for anyone, the specialist pointed out. The QR code is stored or generated by an application, but it can also store a lot of data. Regular customer data, account information, warranty conditions, discounts, and the preferred method of payment can also be inserted into the QR code, so the time spent at the cash registers can be drastically reduced. Since the system is certified, nothing else will be required to validate a warranty.

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