By: trademagazin Date: 2006. 11. 20. 08:00

In this column, a representative of the Hungarian FMCG community will be allowed to present his or her views regarding a certain issue and then ask a question that will be answered by another well-known professional. This will, according to our hopes, lead to a frutiful „chain” of discussions regarding topics that concern all of us. The first issue to be discussed is the effect of the current government policy of monetary restrictions, tax increases, and other measures which do not encourage spending and consumption at all.
I am asking Peter Feiner, chairman of the National Trade Association: how does he see this issue from a „merchant” point of view ? What are the possible scenarios in his opinion? The other question I have for him – as managing director of SPAR – is: what are the prospects for his company next year ? How will they continue their programs focused on quality and value?

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