AI in the beauty industry: L’Oréal brings the future with bioprinted skin, GenAI content lab and AI assistant

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 17. 11:03

At Viva Tech, L’Oréal presented a remarkable bioprinted skin technology that could completely change the way products are tested in the future. In addition, the company created an AI-based lab last year, which sheds new light on the creation of beauty care content. The intelligent beauty assistant or the advanced skin analyzer provide personalized beauty care. In the framework of the strategic partnership with Meta, L’Oréal further strengthens its position in the research of 3D, AR and AI beauty industry developments.

“We firmly believe that technology can push the boundaries of beauty care and improve people’s lives around the world. With advanced diagnostics, expanded beauty care services, GenAI assistants, expanded creativity in the GenAI era and unique electronic devices, we are shaping the beauty of the future to be even more personalized, inclusive and responsible”

– said Barbara Lavernos, L’Oréal Group’s Deputy CEO for Research, Innovation and Technology.

By intertwining biology, mechanics and electronics, L’Oréal more accurately models the wide variety of real human skin, including skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and the ability to tan and heal. The brand works with many start-ups and institutes around the world to further develop technology related to reconstructed skin. The company unveiled its in-house GenAI Beauty Content Lab, CREAITECH, an advanced lab equipped with tools that will transform content production. CREAITECH serves as a safe space for GenAI-based experimentation and enables L’Oréal to expand the creation of branded and localized content for its 37 beauty brands, while simultaneously providing its marketers with further training on creative technologies. The corporate group also announced partnerships with Meta and other leading content creators.

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