Ministry of Agriculture: autumn works should be planned according to the new rules

By: STA Date: 2022. 08. 10. 18:52

As of this fall, it will be possible to farm according to the new rules, in accordance with the growing EU green expectations, but within the framework of the agricultural support system that helps adapt to the changed climatic conditions – stated Zsolt Feldman at the ceremonial opening of the Szentlőrinc Field Machinery Days.

Rural development subsidies help the development of farms. (Photo: Pixabay)

The Secretary of State responsible for agriculture and rural development of the Ministry of Agriculture called the Baranya County professional exhibition, which was also enticing with practical machine demonstrations, welcome: as he put it, the use of modern technologies is essential for effective farming in today’s conditions. The two-day event of the professional days in Szentlőrinc also contributes to getting to know and trying them out.

In order to promote the technological renewal of agricultural enterprises, the Ministry of Agriculture launched the Renewable countryside, renewable agriculture program last year. Of the agricultural investment tenders announced from tripled rural development funds, 95% of those applying for support for the transition to precision farming, i.e. 2,750 farmers, have already received a supporting decision, and in the case of machinery support related to horticulture, 2,500 winning applicants can realize their ideas. In addition, 2,000 smaller livestock farms can invest in machinery and technology with government assistance.

Management for the next five years was also determined

Zsolt Feldman called the implementation of improvements that would help agricultural entrepreneurs to more economical and competitive production a key issue. The ever-increasing input prices, the rise in energy prices caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war and the drought on a historic scale put agricultural workers in an extraordinary situation. That is why peace as soon as possible would be important from this point of view as well for the actors of the agrarian sector. after the opening of the agricultural machinery days, the state secretary spoke in a professional presentation about the main features of the Common Agricultural Policy (KAP) defining the next five years, about the changes that must be followed in the future, which determine the framework for the use of agricultural subsidies. The state secretary considers it essential that as many people as possible get to know the KAP Strategic Plan so that they can prepare for the changes in time. The Ministry of Agriculture therefore continuously publishes the planned rules necessary for the vision of the next farming year.

(AM Press Office)

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