Minister of Agriculture: We must protect our agricultural markets

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 19. 10:30

Brussels made an irresponsible decision when it allowed unlimited and duty-free Ukrainian agricultural products into the EU, so we have to make the right decision in June in order to achieve radical change and protect our markets, Minister of Agriculture István Nagy said in Vásárosnamény on Monday.

(Photo: AM/Tibor Vermes)

At the event held as part of the agricultural country visit, the head of the ministry spoke about how, instead of professional decisions, Brussels unleashed an extreme green ideology on European agriculture, thus endangering the safe food supply. The growth of unrealistic regulations and bureaucracy poses significant challenges to producers. Brussels has betrayed the farmers, because the players in agriculture produce in accordance with all regulations, while the EU does not protect their markets and their competitiveness. We therefore have to make the right decision in June in order to achieve a radical change in the union, he added. The minister explained that our country stands by the principle that only food that is subject to the same rules can be marketed in the EU, regardless of whether it was produced inside or outside the EU. He explained that it is necessary to adapt and change to the challenges facing agriculture in order to be able to farm effectively. Instead of mass production, it is necessary to move in the direction of quality. In order to strengthen competitiveness, the Ministry of Agriculture also wants to further strengthen cooperation between producers, he underlined. István Nagy said that until 2027, players in the sector can use HUF 2,900 billion in rural development resources for the benefit of the Hungarian countryside, agriculture and food production, to which the government will supplement the EU resources of HUF 600 billion with an additional HUF 2,300 billion.


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