Minister of Agriculture: Hungary protects its pig herd from African swine fever

By: STA Date: 2023. 07. 25. 10:15

It is vital for Hungary to protect its domestic pig population from African swine fever, so it is working on official measures that reduce the chance of the infection spreading, the Hungarian Minister of Agriculture stated in Brussels on Tuesday.

(Photo: Pixabay)

István Nagy, speaking to Hungarian journalists after the council meeting of the agriculture ministers of the member countries, said: in the framework of a bilateral meeting, the agriculture minister of Croatia informed that the African swine fever virus had also appeared in domestic pigs in his country.

The Hungarian Minister of Agriculture pointed out that this is a serious economic threat for Hungary as well, since the virus appeared near the border

Since tens of thousands of people are coming home from Croatia due to the main tourist season and may bring in the African swine fever virus, Hungary is working on immediate measures, he said. “It is vital for Hungary to protect its domestic pig population from this virus, which is why I immediately ordered an alarm and the introduction of enhanced measures for the purpose of prevention,” said István Nagy. He added: Hungary is preparing to take official measures that will reduce the chance and danger of infection. According to him, among other things, they are working on creating a lane in which there are no wild boars, no carriers, so that the chance of the domestic pig herd catching the virus can be reduced to the minimum possible. This would have unforeseeable economic consequences, so one of the most important animal health tasks of the coming days, weeks, and months will be how we can protect our domestic pig population from this horrible virus – stressed István Nagy.


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