Chamber of Agriculture: the hail damage mitigation system is effective

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 11. 29. 11:15
This year, farmers reported hail damage for 39,000 hectares, compared to the 72,000 hectares in the year before the national hail mitigation system started to opeate, Győrffy Balázs, President of the National Chamber of Agriculture said at a press conference in Budapest on Monday.


He described that in 2018, 22.5 thousand hectares was affected by hail damage, 37 thousand in 2019 and 32 thousand in 2020. Thanks to the mitigation system, the rate of hail damage within reported agricultural damage was 8.5 percent, compared to about 37 percent in the last three years before the system was put into operation, he added. (MTI)