Zwack Unicum Nyrt. Reports Significant Business Results

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 26. 12:10

At its annual general meeting in 2024, Zwack Unicum Nyrt. presented significant business results, reflecting the success of the largest player in the Hungarian spirits market. The company’s gross revenue reached HUF 36.938 million, representing a 4.5% increase over the previous business year, while net sales rose by 6.0%.

The domestic premium spirits market, which had seen a decline following a post-pandemic boom, appears to be stabilizing, partly due to rapid disinflation. Zwack’s own production of premium and quality products saw notably high revenue growth, particularly highlighted by the above-average growth of the Unicum brand. Domestic product sales net revenue increased by 7.3%, while the net revenue from distributed products exceeded the base period by 3.9%.

However, mixed results were observed in export markets. Among the largest export markets, there was growth in Italy, while significant declines were seen in Germany and Slovakia. In the Duty-free category, however, revenue grew by 11%.

The company’s financial status was notably influenced by higher revenue along with increased material and personnel expenditures. Material costs rose by 5.1%, while personnel expenditures increased by 12.5%, partly due to significant wage developments. Despite this, the company achieved a taxed profit of HUF 2,906 million, which is 15.7% lower compared to the previous year but significantly exceeds the planned figure.

Decisions at the general meeting included dividend payments, which amount to HUF 1,400 per share, representing a dividend level of 140%. For the next business year, the company plans further growth, with a particular focus on significantly increasing domestic and international marketing expenditures.

Zwack Unicum Nyrt.’s results and plans clearly demonstrate the company’s adaptability and efforts to strengthen its market position in a changing economic and market environment.

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