Vegetable and fruit cultivation is at the forefront in the use of modern technologies

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 02. 09:30

The application of precision technologies, the integration of automation, robotization and digitization in vegetable and fruit cultivation cannot be neglected – said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy at the 8th Zsendúlés Horticultural Conference in Szeged.

István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture (Photo: István Fekete)

The head of the ministry pointed out that in the past two years, agriculture, including the cultivation and processing of vegetables and fruits, has faced several serious challenges, such as the coronavirus epidemic, the war, the failed Brussels sanctions and the drought on a historic scale. At the same time, the past period has focused society’s attention on the importance of food production and the importance of agriculture. The minister drew attention to the fact that producers, processors, buyers and representatives of the retail sector are together in this sector. The greatest task of the next period is to create a producer cooperation that can define the market, this is the key to a secure vision of the future, and this is the main message of the conference, he stated. He added that it is important for those involved to develop a sector strategy, since the resources are available.

Regarding geothermal energy, the minister explained that it could be the answer to the energy crisis

That is why the climate plan aims to encourage the use of renewable energy sources, to significantly increase the share of energy production, and to explore the locations of geothermal production projects in the state research program. Irrigation development and water retention can be a solution to the climate crisis. Applications supporting irrigation development can be submitted until June 30, he underlined.

István Nagy stressed that the outcome of the EU-level negotiations on the commission’s proposal to reduce the use of pesticides is also a cardinal issue.

The position of the Ministry of Agriculture is that a meaningful discussion can be continued if the Commission prepares a preliminary calculation of how much the European Union’s agricultural production would decrease, and as a result, how much food prices would rise and how much import exposure would increase. A balance must be found between health, environmental and climate protection, as well as competitiveness and economic aspects. The goal is for all products marketed in the European Union to be subject to the same rules, this is the only way European consumers can be safe, stated the head of the ministry.

He also drew attention to the fact that all farmers should now focus on preparing for the new 2023-2027 Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan agricultural support system

Stricter conditions from an environmental point of view, redistributive support for small and medium-sized farms and the start of the agro-ecology program are serious tasks for both the farmer and the government. In the case of fruits and vegetables, environmentally conscious cultivation is even more important than average. It is gratifying that the gardeners also took advantage of the agri-environmental management support and the support for organic farming, which means stable help until 2025. The minister told the farmers to be aware, prepare for the changes and be the winners of the new system.



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